Ray Im

Ray Im is a Korean-born, American, lens-based artist and ceramicist. Im’s practice
recontextualizes traditional languages inherent in ceramics and photography to
discover a contemporary material conversation between the two. When He focuses
photography, he executes German Deadpan aesthetics to implies a cool and
detached photographic gaze on its subject.
Im received his BFA in Photography from Baylor University and MFA in Ceramics from
Cranbrook Academy of Art. He exhibits work in Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, South Korea,
and Italy. He received the 2019 London International Creative Competition’s
honorable mention for his installation piece. Im’s work also includes commercial
photography commissions and magazines in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, New
Jersey, Detroit, North Carolina, and the UK. He contributed images to Frieze
Magazine which accompanied Glenn Adamson’s essay

Stanley Greaves

ART EDUCATION  : Working Peoples Art Class 1948-62. University of Newcastle on Tyne 1963-68 BA Hons Fine Art, Diploma: Art Education. 1979-80 Howard U, Fulbright Fellow. 1979-80. MFA PROFESSION Primary and Secondary Schools 1956-62. Head of the Division of Creative Arts, University of Guyana, Part time Tutor at the Burrowes School of Art 1975 -87, Sculpture and Painting Tutor Barbados Community College 1990-2007.EXHIBITIONS- solo and Group, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Santo Domingo, Martinique, Cuba. Brazil, Colombia, UK, France, Canada. USA PRIZES/AWARDS Guyana, including National Honours, Barbados, Santo Domingo Gold medal, UK. for sculpture.

Sara Jane Lee

Sara-Jane Lee was born in New York City and grew up with a very strong connection to the arts. Throughout her artistic evolution, she has focused on accurate physical representation, as well as exploring the range and complexity of human emotion evoked by an image with inspiration drawn from nature.

Although she continues to work in all mediums with a focus on realism, Sara-Jane has recently become fascinated with crayons. With the textural energy of the wax and it’s vibrancy of color, the crayon medium combines and expresses the whimsical side of her personality, and presents a dichotomy of precise realistic renderings with tools presumed  for the artistically primitive. Her drawings are immediately relatable.  The large scale in which she prefers to work adds to their impact, and enables a purity of emotional response.

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Sandie McFarlane

Rose Kennedy

Growing up in southeastern North Carolina, Rose Kennedy was surrounded by beauty from

the mountains to the coast, instilling a heartfelt tie to earth and nature that inspire her still.

Drawing and painting were her favorite pastimes, so continuing artistic ventures into

adulthood was a given. Rose previously worked as a product/graphic designer and also with

an art publisher/licensing agency creating water color/mixed media paintings in the juvenile


Rose now enjoys creating original paintings of landscapes, still life and the occasional pet

portrait. Her preferred medium is oil paint, but she shakes things up by sometimes working

with pastels or acrylics. Her impressionistic style conveys a sense of presence in her paintings

and she loves sharing her work with those who appreciate art. Painting outdoors in plein air

events affords her much pleasure, as does teaching others the joy of art.

Rose works from a home studio and also at Cape Fear Studios in Fayetteville, NC. Her work

has been juried into numerous exhibits and competitions, winning awards along the way.

Several of her works are featured in the publication Painting North Carolina, A Visual Journey.

in Charlotte/Raleigh

Her paintings may be seen on her website at www.lilarosekennedy.com, and at One-of-AKind Gallery in Pinehurst, Cape Fear Studios in Fayetteville and Karen Saks Design Showroom

Karen Moore

Helen ‘Pat’ Zumbahlen

A little bit of sunshine…

Nature is the inspiration of my work. in nature, whether it’s the strength and beauty of the mountains or the ocean or a little butterfly on a flower, I hope that I can share a bit of it with people who see my work. It’s like a little bit of sunshine coming through.

Steve Opet

Angela Stout

Edwinna Clark