Pandy Autry

Mostly self-taught, I have worked as a decorative painter and faux finish artist for over 30 years in the Fayetteville area, after teaching elementary school in Cumberland and Hoke counties for 13 years.  I like to work in a variety of mediums; through the use of metal in nightlights and lampshades, with fabric in hand-stitched wall hangings, with paper and discarded items, as well as acrylics in mixed media pieces, and occasionally in pastels, and became a member at Cape Fear Studios in 2015 in order to have an outlet for my art and to be a part of an artist community.

I enjoy taking something that has been discarded and transforming it in some way that gives it new life, a new perspective.  In this way, my collections often find their way into my artwork.  I am drawn to order and repetition, often inspired by tile and quilt patterns, so much of my work reflects this love of pattern, occasionally spiced with an element of fun or whimsy.  Working in various mediums has expanded my horizons and inspired new possibilities and directions in my work.