Jill Dieffenbach

I began my journey as a potter 42 years ago right here in Fayetteville, where I took my first pottery lessons through a Fayetteville Parks and  Recreation  program.  As an army dependent, I moved throughout the United States and was able to take lessons throughout the years.   I eventually returned to Fayetteville and looked towards working with  clay.  After taking several classes through Fayetteville Technical Community College, I ended up teaching pottery 15 years for FTCC ‘s Continuing  Education program.   I eventually retired from teaching pottery and being an elementary school librarian after 30 years. This has given me time to focus on doing the things I love most;  spending time with my 4 daughters and my 5 grandchildren, making pottery, and working to support Cape Fear Studios where I have enjoyed being an active  member and supporter for over 31 years. As was one of the founding member artists, who worked to establish Cape Fear Studios;  an organization where local artists could work together to create and share their art;  I take great pride in helping make Cape Fear Studios a great place to view and experience art in our community.