Ray Im

Ray Im is a Korean-born, American, lens-based artist and ceramicist. Im’s practice
recontextualizes traditional languages inherent in ceramics and photography to
discover a contemporary material conversation between the two. When He focuses
photography, he executes German Deadpan aesthetics to implies a cool and
detached photographic gaze on its subject.
Im received his BFA in Photography from Baylor University and MFA in Ceramics from
Cranbrook Academy of Art. He exhibits work in Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, South Korea,
and Italy. He received the 2019 London International Creative Competition’s
honorable mention for his installation piece. Im’s work also includes commercial
photography commissions and magazines in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, New
Jersey, Detroit, North Carolina, and the UK. He contributed images to Frieze
Magazine which accompanied Glenn Adamson’s essay