Guy Jencks

Unlimited possibilities…

I’ve always had an artistic side of me but it wasn’t until halfway through my Air Force career that I decided that I needed a way to unwind and slow down the hectic pace of my life. I found throwing on the pottery wheel to be a perfect outlet to relax and improve patience. I’ve been blessed by being able to travel to many countries and study the many different styles of pottery while I was active duty. While I no longer have the hectic lifestyle that I had when I started creating pottery I still find the process of creating art relaxing and enjoyable.

I tend to favor the different styles of Raku pottery, as they are items that truly cannot be mass-produced. I love the unlimited possibilities of artistic pottery as I form art from the basic elements of earth, water and fire. I can also include the fourth basic element, Air, as I effectively alter the atmosphere within in the kiln to get various results. As an artist I intend to keep learning from my environment and the people around me as I evolve my abilities.

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