Sandra Valdivia with Pineapple copy


Artist Statement

My art defines me, and it will always be part of me. It’s a voice I use to translate my ideas between my bilingual worlds. The root of my work is my ability to organize and transform. It’s a constant attempt to create different and complex forms.

My work expresses who I am by communicating the cultural heritage which art has given me. Traditional Pre-Hispanic, and Pre-Columbian pieces, inspire my work. My love for natural materials, warm colors, and organic designs are tremendously influenced by my native origins of Mexico.

My work exhorts my passion for rustic feel of the earth combined with conceptual elements such as, repetition, patterns, texture, abstract, unity, and geometric designs. I use the combinations of metal and clay to allow me to create unusual and unique art form. I work with coil, and various hand build techniques. The use of detailed decoration helps me to promote feelings and emotions, such as serenity, movement, and rhythm. Each piece is hand carved to give character and natural beauty. Using my hands to create abstract forms has fascinated me, ever since I was little. My work reflects the intense relationship I have with the material with which I am working. I find myself drawn to materials. I enjoy struggling and responding to material to create new forms.

The discovery of the natural bridge between clay and sculpture has given me a new found engine for my creations. Most of my creations are non-functional sculptural pieces, because I like to take things that are often treated in a functional way and turn them into different and complex forms. It depends on the mood, feeling and the imagination I am thinking of when doing my artwork.

As an artist, I like to control the making of three-dimensional art through a process of sensitizing myself to the materials in order to project my ideas and feelings. There will never be an end to my passion to create new complex and organic work. I have been searching for my calling, what I have destined myself to do. I hope one day my work will take me to the point where I can put together my impressions, my dreams and my reflections revealing my spiritual truth, and fulfill my constant hunger to learn and create.