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Artist Statement

pattern, texture and lampshades…

I have always been particularly fascinated by pattern and texture: in nature, in textiles, and even in very ordinary objects. As a decorative painter/faux finish artist, I work daily in these areas. Working in metal has expanded my horizons and inspired new possibilities and directions in my work, adding a tactile, three-dimensional aspect.

By nature, I am a very practical person; I like the things that I create to have a functional use as well as a decorative one~~hence my choice of lampshades and nightlights. I have been experimenting with decorating lampshades for some time through paint, fabric, and papier mache, but did not feel I had it “quite right” until I added the element of metal. The metal structure of the shades’ frames is what drew me to them, and using other metals to decorate that structure accentuates these forms with which I am so smitten.