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Nancy Edge


Reaching into the kiln…

Since I was a young girl I have had a passion for art. My parents encouraged my interest by taking me to art museums in Washington D.C. when I was young. After graduating from college, I worked at St. John’s Art Gallery in Wilmington, North Carolina. I soon became fascinated by the art of Raku, a pottery technique that has its origins in 16th century Japan. The Raku technique involves a unique firing process, but it also embraces a different philosophy and cultural significance than other forms of pottery.

I love the way I can reach into the kiln and manipulate the end results. I love the flexibility and freedom of Raku, the different glazes and shapes that can be discovered. I have studied withBen Owen III, Charlie and Linda Riggs, and Gay Smith. I plan to continue exploring the nuances and power of Raku.

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